Implementation of
Oracle EBS and other
systems for business


Imago 3D

3D modeling,
computer animation,
data visualization

Imago 3D

Imago GIS

3D scanning for
geodesy, cartography
and architecture

Imago GIS

Imago in three words

Reliable technology, precise imagination and solutions
due to which we can copy the most complex reality.

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The quality of our commercial implementation is
based on knowledge and scientific experience,
confirmed with a set of certificates, awards and publications
and our participation in research projects.

Oracle Certified Professional IPMA Level D Certified Best Presenter Award Team award
Oracle's Certified
Professional SE Programmer
Certified Project
Management Associate
IPMA Level D
Best Presenter Award
at 1st
Faculty Research Forum
The Hong Kong
Polytechnic University
Team award of the
third degree of Rector
of Bialystok Technical University
Certificate of completion
Corel Certificate
Of Completion

They trust us:

ZNTK W Łapach
Bristol Myers Squibb
BOŚ Bank
Polimex Mostostal
Bank Pekao SA
Cement Ożarów

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We work with people and for people

These are real PEOPLE, not corporations, that implement projects and succeed.
Our imagination, determination and willingness to cooperate allow us to create incredible things and build a business.
Working in the high technology sector, we never forget that there is always a person on the other side of interface.

Białystok woj. podlaskie Imago Krzysztof Matuk

Krzysztof Matuk

CEO e:

The company's founder, Technical University Researcher, certified Oracle programmer, scholar of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, winner of prestigious awards and author of numerous scientific publications. In Imago he is responsible for coordination of key projects and company development.

Białystok woj. podlaskie Imago Anna Maczyńska

Anna Maczyńska

Project Manager e:

A certified Project Manager International with Project Management Association. Her experience in experts teams management is very useful in IT Project Implementation. Favorite Quote : You need three things to become someone in your profession: talent, determination to work hard and a bit of madness in your soul.

Białystok woj. podlaskie Imago Marcin Matuk

Marcin Matuk

Senior graphic e:

Specialist in 3D scanning, interpretation of the results and points clouds processing and 3D modeling according to BIM methodology. He loves challenges. In the future he would like to develop competence in the field of 3D animation.

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Imago Krzysztof Matuk
ul. Przędzalniana 8, 15-688 Białystok
NIP 5421738042, REGON 052128952

Contact details

Imago 3D - we create the future

Imago Krzysztof Matuk
ul. Przędzalniana 8, 15-688 Białystok
NIP 5421738042, REGON 052128952